Performer Spotlight: Bobby Joe Ebola

The Jerk Church Tabernacle Choir is SO excited to be sharing the stage with BJE!

Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits have been making “pretty songs about terrible things” since 1995, and wrote one of Jerk Church’s favorite songs, “Life is Excellent”. The video is fantastic:

(PG-13 for tuba-humping and animated gore)

They have so many clever songs, and have made a ton of fun videos to go with them. Their 2010 album “F” and 2012 album “Trainwreck to Narnia”, in particular, have spawned multiple videos with theatrical flourishes.

Some of my personal favorites include:

I really want to play “Sweet Shit of Christ” at church, someday. ;)

Hilarious ode to hangovers and daydreams. A few gross moments.

Bone Dagger won an award – Best Heavy Metal video by a non-heavy metal band! SO rockin’!

Other people have listed these as their favorites:

8-bit graphics + motivation.

Dark doo-wop!

Come to our fundraiser on July 20th, and see for yourself how wonderful these guys are!